Solid INX© F100 (3ml)

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SOLID INX© is a photo-crosslinkable synthetic biodegradable polyester based on our patented CURASOL©  technology. It combines the benefits of conventional stiff polyester materials with low temperature (< 60 °C) processability. It is biologically inert, but can be coated with the provided coating to allow cells to adhere and proliferate on the scaffold.
  • Biocompatibility: biocompatible and non cell interactive
  • Reproducibility: Production under strict quality control
  • Biodegradable
  • Processability: Thanks to the CURASOL® technology, the material can be processed at low temperature followed by photocrosslinking
  • Easy handling: Delivered in a ready to use cartridge Ready for printing after heating
  • UV crosslinkable: in the solid state thanks to the CURASOL® technology
  • Mechanical integrity: Very robust polyester suitable for stiff tissue engineering applications
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  • Appearance at room temperature: Off-white solid
  • Volume: 3 mL 
  • Melting temperature: 40 - 60 °C
  • Crystallinity: 30 - 40 %
  • Viscosity at 60 °C: 10 - 30 Pa.s
  • Young's modulus after UV crosslinking: 150 - 200 MPa
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