BIO INX® offers a wide spectrum of inks for deposition based 3D printing, ranging from synthetic to nature derived materials, for easy printing of biocompatible platforms enabling cell seeding and/or cell encapsulation.


Gelatin Methacrylamide , first developed in our lab in 2000, has emerged as one of the gold standards in tissue engineering and biofabrication worldwide.


EASYGEL INX© is a gelatin based, shear thinning, cell interactive ink that mimicks extracellular matrix. It combines all the benefits of conventional gelatin/Gel MA based inks in combination with a highly improved printing process thanks to its shear thinning behavior, thereby allowing an easy printing process at 37 C.


STABLE INX© is a synthetic shear thinning, cell interactive ink for the fabrication of scaffolds. It allows for an easy printing process due to its shear thinning behaviour . At high shear rates, it exhibits a low viscosity which is favorable for an easy injection from the printing nozzle. However, at low shear rates it reveals a high viscosity, which is required for shape retention after deposition.


SOLID INX© is a photo crosslinkable synthetic biodegradable polyester based on our patented CURASOL© technology. It combines the benefits of conventional stiff polyester materials with low temperature ( < 60 C) processability.


SUPPORT INX© is a sacrificial ink that allows printing with unprecedented architectural complexity by providing temporary support. Due to its shear thinning behaviour easy injection from the printing nozzle and excellent shape retention after deposition is guaranteed.