Where can it be used?

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Save time, by letting the printer do repetitive tasks in a consistent and attractive way. Wow your customers with a special presentation and taste.


At home

Prepare delicious dishes, with specific mix of ingredients For persons who are not able to chew. To make children enthusiastic for vegetable food.


Research tool

In research labs, a food 3D printer can be a valuable tool. With our desktop version allows the researches to test out foodmixtures, before applying it on an industrial scale.

What foods can you 3D print?

The main criteria for being able to print a food-type is its viscosity.
If a food can be used in paste-form, then you're good to go.
The paste must be stable enough to retain its printed shape.

Great examples of this include:

  • Vegetable purées
  • Fruit purées (gelatine can be added for a better concistency
  • Doughs
  • Sugars
  • Fats



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